Illustrator, graphic designer and comic artist. Experienced with composition design, layout, branding and typography. Proficient with industry software as well as traditional media methods. Accustomed to adapting to challenging situations and working under tight deadlines.
2015 Full Body Scan, Graphic Novel, MFA Visual Thesis advised by Mr. Dennis Dittrich (President, NY Society of Illustrators)  
          -First part published on “Word Without Borders” ( “The queer addition”,  June 2014) 
         -Representation by Nicholas Grivel Agency, Paris, France
2014 MFA Thesis: An Essay of Hate - The Representation of Jews and Arabs in Middle Eastern Political Cartoons (Advisor: Mr. Stan Mack, cartoonist, Village Voice, art director- New York Times) Available at CUNY library
         -The research was mentioned in Ma’ariv, (Israel) February 1 and 5 2013
2010 Perestroyka, Graphic Novel (self published)
2010 Hironimus, Comic Book (self published)
2010 BA Seminar: Humanitarian Elements in Israeli Political Cartoons during the Gaza War (Advisor: Dr. Eytan Mechter, Head of Education Department, Neri Bloomfield School of Design, Haifa, Israel)
2015 Panelist, Gay memoir,  Queers and Comic convention, Center of Lesbian and Gay Studies CUNY, New York, NY, May 7
2015 MoCCA Arts Festival participant, New York, NY, April 11-12
2014 Guest lecturer, NY Comic and Picture-Story Symposium, Columbia University, New York, NY, August 12
2010 Tel Aviv Comic and Animation festival participant, Israel, August 2-5
Group Exhibitions:
2014 Graduate Exhibition, FIT Museum, New York, NY
2012 The Triangle Factory Fire - Then, Since, Now, FIT Museum, New York, NY
2011 Outside of the Box, Tambour Building, Tel Aviv, Israel
2011 The Future Designers of Israel, Museum of Design, Holon, Israel
2010 Graduate Exhibition, The Neri Bloomfield School of Design, Haifa, Israel
List of Clients:
Book Illustrations: Yesod Publishing (Text books), Yediot Publishing (Young Adults)
Storyboards: Visual artist Oded Hirsch, Gitam Advertising Agency (Tel Aviv, Israel)
Graphic Design and illustrations: A.G Engineering (Israel), Department of Cultural Affairs- Consulate General of Israel in NY, Israel permanent delegation to the United Nations (NY), Hue (NY), Yediot Achronot (Israel), Visual artist Oded Hirsch (work made for him published in The Wall Street Journal 9.7.2012, It’s UK July issue 2012)
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